RADAR™ Physical Records Register and Archive Management application

Get control over Physical Records, and Archive box Storage

Keep a register of:

  • Documents in a file
  • Files in a Box or other location
  • Boxes and their location

Apply Retentions

  • To documents (which will flow through to the containing file and to a containing box retention
  • To Files for all documents contained (which will flow through to a containing box retention.

Interrogate, Search, Filter on Files and Boxes

Multi user, Network and Web Enabled.


Everything to Capture, Process, Automate, Manage your documents and Business Processes.

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    Questions & answers

    Any organisatipon Can use this. Small or Large, Managing your own or other peoples archives.

    Yes – and whats more, if a retention policy is changed, this change will adjust through each level automatically.

    Yes – we would describe it as “bank grade” security.