Welcome to a better way of filing!

FILEforce brings its extensive knowledge of Records Management requirements, and Business processes, to deliver worlds best Digital Transformation Solutions.

FILEforce applies its knowledge and expertise in Filing, Records Management and archiving to the opportunities available with Digital Transformation.

We located and reviewed many of the known EDRM systems available, and found, in the Digitech Systems suite, a range of complimentary solutions that interact seamlessly to achieve the best document capture and management solutions.

In particular we were looking for solutions that were world standard, with “bank grade” security, and yet have admin functionality that would be within most organisations’ capability so that our customers would not face endless consulting fees for normal admin operations.

We are not talking about simply scanning (although we have a full scan bureau)! We are talking about CAPTURE.

Capture includes scan, but extends to automatically capturing documents from within your business process, for example harvesting AP invoices from emails, monitoring folders, processing images automatically to ensure accurate extraction of data or information from the document for use in third party applications or for use in a document management system.

We are not talking about structuring directories to house your digital material! We are talking about providing a full Electronic document management system which adheres to the strictest standards of records, privacy, and security.

Digital transformation is an opportunity for you to change your business processes and gain huge efficiencies. We can provide the pathway and solutions for you to automate your processes with:
  • E-forms – not just data collecting forms, but e-forms that are retained and managed as true documents with all the records management requirements that are very relevant to any business document.
  • Workflows – bring your processes under control with workflows -monitor and audit processes, ensure actions happen.
  • Robotic processes – Robotic process automation. Interact with other applications on an automated basis.

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    Questions & answers

    Yes! Our solutions are designed from the ground up, for bioth On-Premise and Cloud operation.
    Yes! To whatever degree required! Full auto classify/extract and compare to Database data for verification and more!
    Yes! We have the best Capture / Process / Manage solutions, with AI capability to classify forms, Workflow capability to ensure your business processes are completed, and E-forms to eliminate paper from processes!